Kingdom Come

Over the past several years I have read quite a bit in regards to the “theology of adoption”, but today I visibly caught a glimpse of the “theology of foster care.” In preparing to be a foster family we have had several conversations with our oldest daughter (she’s 6) about the journey and path we are on and how it will differ from the adoption path. Things such as,

children will stay with us while their mommies and daddies learn to make better choices,
they may only be with us for a few short weeks or months,
we will probably have the chance to serve several children through our family,
we probably won’t have the opportunity to adopt any of the children who come through our home.

And yet, today she asked something about her “brothers and sisters”. My civilized child welfare instincts wanted to correct her and explain again that they won’t be “brothers and sisters, because we are not adopting them…” But, the Spirit checked my heart and mind and basically whispered, “she get’s it…..she understands that every child who enters this house is her brother and sister.” And, then I got it. We are all living, breathing children of the King and because of that we are intertwined as “brothers and sisters”.

Her heart is pure, it hasn’t been ‘civilized’ yet.  It loves, believes, and takes risks as it should. In fact, her heart is probably closer to the Kingdom than my own and for that I am so thankful.

Father, may your Kingdom come right here in our home and may we embrace all who enter as our brothers and sisters in Christ.


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