It Starts With You

In every community there are needs. Needs that are big and needs that are small. Needs that require expertise and needs that just require hearts.  In every community there are people.  People who can help and people who need help.  What are you doing, in your community, to be the Change?

You might not think you can offer much, but you can.

  • Time
  • Compassion
  • Resources
  • Networks
  • Presence
  • Expertise
  • Your Voice
  • Skill
  • Love
  • Willingness
  • Desire
  • Committment
  • Awareness
  • And, your Heart

In every community there are needs. What need, in your community, can you meet?

Understand the need. Engage the need. Be the Change for the need.

Do not wait on the world around you to act, because they may be waiting for you to lead them.  It starts with Me and it starts with You—–Be the Change.

**Practical ways to start.  Contact the local Food Bank, local mentor programs (Big Brother/Big Sister, etc.), local Foster Care/Adoption agencies, local after school programs, local homeless shelters, local women’s shelters, local tutoring organizations, local children’s homes and find out where they have needs.  Expose yourself to your community and follow your heart and passion to serve.  Be the Change.


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