You liked the frosting, I liked the cake!

It is crazy how fast time flies…..Just yesterday we were 14 and 16 hanging out in Yukon, Ok.  I thought you were beautiful and you thought I was cute.  My friends told your friends, and your friends told my friends.  Of course, you had a boyfriend, so we had to get rid of that joker.  Nevertheless, who would have thought back then, that we would be here now?

Our first ‘official’ dating day was June 14, 1996.  We played capture the flag with the youth group and we held hands in the back seat of the car on the way home.  My heart was racing, even though I played it cool.

What a first date we had, right?!?   Our parents dropped us off at the Dollar Movies, Cable Guy (horrific movie and probably why I still hate Jim Carey movies), but you were beautiful, innocent, sweet, and amazing.  I just remember staring at your legs thinking, “those have to be the most amazing legs in the universe.”  I can say that now that we are not teenagers and can’t get in trouble!

And, that first kiss on a dark bus while on a youth group trip to Mexico, breaking all the rules!!  I might have been every Youth Pastor’s worst nightmare, even though I was the ‘good kid’.  Of course, isn’t it always the ‘good kids’?  And, we were two of the best!

3 proms, endless dates, long phone calls, taco bell, cruisin’ in the Mercury Tracer, basketball games (where you cheated like none other!), youth group outings, college dorms, sharing cake (you liked the frosting, I liked the cake), college classes together, friendships, breakups, falling in love all over again, all of which, led us to April of 2002 when I dropped to a knee and asked you to marry me….

And, then we went and did it, tied the knot, took the leap, passed the point of no return and what a day it was, June 14, 2003…..or blur, as everything seemed to move so quickly!  But, the pictures look amazing!  And, you were BEAUTIFUL!

Now, 10 years later….we’ve had 2 incredible little girls, fostered 4 amazing kiddos, purchased a home, sold a home, moved 3 times, had 3 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, a gillion fish, 3 birds, 8 vehicles, several vacations, one super fast jet ski, you’re still BEAUTIFUL……and, we aren’t done yet!

Happy 10th Anniversary beautiful lady!  You are the one who has shown me what mercy, grace, love, and awesomeness looks like!  Here is to at least 50 more years!  Much more than that and we will be racing wheel chairs down the nursing home hallways and I know you’d cheat, so let’s just shoot for 50!

I love you more than you’ll ever know!!


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